4 best alarm systems for small business

Running a small business means that you will have to face many risks. However, don’t ever let security risk become one of them. Ensuring security will help you ensure the safety of your staff and assets, which consequently helps to ensure the development of your business.

If you have a small business, you don’t need to spend a vast amount of money to install a full-blown system, you just have to install main alarm systems that can protect your office and prevent intruders. Yet depending on what you need and want, you can choose some main or more security systems.

In this article, I’ll share with you best alarm systems that many small businesses need.

Let’s discover what they are!

1. Video Solutions

best business alarm systems

Video solutions contain video surveillance cameras using any application and remote video services that can protect your small business from crimes including vandalism, shoplifting and employee theft. Some devices provide you with digital video recorders (DVRs) that can document incidents for storing evidence when it’s needed.

Smart companies know how to make use of video capabilities and business security cameras in order to enhance their business intelligence as well as helping to put a lid on costs. If you haven’t reviewed your video capabilities in several years, you could miss the precious opportunity to employ additional technology and deploy your personnel effectively.

Here are some main functions of a video surveillance:

Intruder Identification: You should install a high-quality camera to capture detailed footage of your intruder from multiple angles to get the best image, and rest assured that you would catch the right person.

Operations Monitoring: You should use an advanced camera surveillance system if you want to see if your inventory is organized well after a shift, or the new employee is working well or not.

Decreased Response Times: With connection to other security measures, video surveillance can allow you and security personnel to respond immediately and appropriately to any security breaches.

2. Access Control

This type of alarm system can help you to protect main entrances along with sensitive areas of your business. An access control system also helps to eliminate the cost and headache of re-keying or lock changes when there is an employee leaving. If you want to protect your business assets or increase employee safety, you can count on this system.

The systems are used to make sure that your facilities are accessed by only authorized person and to control access to critical areas of your operation. An effective access control security system can provide you with detailed audit trail reporting, as well as letting you know what people are doing anywhere and at any time.

Some main functions of an access control security system include:

Increased Security: The system can help you to remove many potential security breach sources.

New Access Levels: New managers and upper-level employees can get more access by having their keycard expanded and get code access. You can also prevent clients or low-level employees from accessing high-level areas with this system.

Scalability: If your business develops and you build more building with more specific areas and doors, all the things are under control with this system.

Key Functionality: The access control system will offer you more than one option for key: if you want to keep a physical keycard or you prefer to use codes or biometric devices, it’s okay.

3. Intrusion Alarms

Security systems such as burglar alarms, intrusion alarms, and monitoring can bring about effective and affordable protection for employees and property for small business due to unauthorized entry, burglary, robbery, theft, holdup, and vandalism.

The following are main functions of an intrusion alarm:

Safeguard Your Equipment: By putting coded alarms on all of the access doors, you can protect your business from unauthorized access during business hours.

Protect Your Employee: To help your employee feel happy and safer, the system can keep them protected by deterring would-be intruders, especially after dark.

Enhance Your Security: Once you use digital intrusion alarms in combination with other security systems, it becomes more effective.

4. Fire & Life Safety

Fire is one of the strongest destructive factors in the world. Therefore, a Fire & Life Safety security system is critical for every business. Installing fire and life safety systems can help you to ensure that your employee and property are protected against fire and smoke. With fire alarm monitoring to fire alarm inspections and service, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that your assets as well as people are safe.

Some main functions of a fire and life safety security system include:

Protect your people: Whenever there is a threat coming from fire, the bell will be trigger helping all the people in the office to have time to run away.

Protect your assets: If you assets are easy to catch fire, this is an effective way to check immediately whether there are any threat or not.

Give people peace of mind: If your office has installed an effective fire and life safety security system, all the workers from officers to sanitation workers will feel safer and happier.


It is not matter if you have a small business or a large one, installing alarm systems is critical to your business and people’s safety. And these above systems are the best bet for you. Consider what types of security systems you will need and choose the ones that fit your need as well as your budget.

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