Top 5 Outdoor Home Security Cameras are the most popular choice in the US for 2019

You are living in the US, and after some years of struggling with savings and mortgage loans, you now have your own home. You feel so much attached to your new property, especially when you think of the sacrifice you have made to own it. Now your next big concern is to rig your home with outdoor home security cameras to ensure a 27/7 surveillance. This will enable you to monitor anyone or anything, that might be snooping around your house at night, or during the day when you are away. You may find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place figuring out your choice of the best outdoor security cameras for your property out of a pool of the available options out there.

Why choose the best outdoor home security cameras?

Security is paramount, and here in the US, homeowners understand that very well. But homeowners do not just buy outdoor home security camera just for the sake of having it. NO! They scrutinize the camera features keenly to purchase the best outdoor cameras that will monitor the home and give alerts if anything happens. So let us look at the top 5 outdoor home security cameras that are the most popular choice in the US for 2019 among homeowners. Understanding these cameras and the reason as to why many homeowners choose them for their outdoor home surveillance will help you make a more informed choice of outdoor home security cameras for your new home. Here are the best outdoor security cameras you can buy in the US right now:

Top 5 Outdoor Home Security Cameras are the most popular choice in the US for 2019

1. Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro 2 has a reputation for being the best overall camera. Many US residents choose it for several reasons. First, you get all cool app features that the 4k Ultra give you at an affordable price. You get full 1080p quality which makes it possible to identify objects or people during the day. The night time footage is also pretty decent. Arlo Pro 2 is cloud-based and comes with seven-day free storage. That storage is free for life, meaning that the seven-day free data will always be there and you can scroll back and view anytime. Activity zones are excellent, but to take advantage of this feature, you need the camera in mains power mode.

Arlo Pro 2 Camera features

• Available in packs of up to six cameras

• Customs activity zones

• Weatherproof design

• Local backup storage option through the base station

• 27/7 recording with a wired option

• Wire-free and wired options


• Excellent camera control via the app

• The magnetic mount makes installation easy

• Can record video to the USB storage

• Easy to install

• Available in packs of up to six cameras together with the base station


• Night-time footage is fuzzy

• Activity zones require permanent power

• Buying multiple Arlo Pro’s may be expensive. A four-camera pack cost approximately $549.99

2. Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

Many US residents choose this outdoor home security camera because it is reputed to be the best in quality. It has some great features, such as facial recognition, although a Nest Aware subscription in need to access them. It was among the first to come with a 4K image sensor, which means you can zoom in on images without their quality getting blurred. The 4K image sensor, along with a built-in Google Assistant and facial recognition, makes this camera a top-pic for outdoor home security. The Nest Cam IQ is the go for you if you prefer Power-over-Ethernet (POE) over wireless cameras.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor home security camera features

• Automatic zoom in on human motion

• Personal detection

• Built-in Google assistant

• Custom motion zones

• Weatherproof design

• Face recognition

• 4K image sensor

• Two-way talk

• 130-degree camera lens

• 802.11ac Wi-Fi


• Doesn’t flood you with motion alerts

• Continuous recording with Nest Aware

• 4K sensor produces excellent video


• Requires Nest Subscription to be entirely useful

• Cannot use scheduling with Home/Away Assist

• Comparatively expensive

3. Arlo Ultra outdoor home security camera

This has the reputation of being the best 4K wireless camera. It is a tip-top 4K camera. Many homeowners in the US choose this outdoor home security camera because it offers excellent quality video footage day and night. Arlo Ultra is the go for you if high-quality night footage is what you are after. You may either pay for cloud storage or use local storage.

Arlo Ultra features

• Wire-free and wired options

• 4K video mode available in both 1080 and 720p

• 3-6 month battery life

• Internal siren

• 12X digital zoom

• micro SD card local storage option

• 24/7 recording with a wired option

• Interior security spotlight security light

• 180-degree camera lens

• Storage via cloud subscription and micro-SD storage

• Two-way talk and 802.11 ac Wi-Fi


• Completely wireless

• Smart alerts reduce notifications

• Detailed 4K sensor video


• Easily stolen due to magnetic mount

• Out-of-the-box 4K videos cannot be recorded

• To save on battery, positioning is required

4. Nest Cam Outdoor

This is reputed for being the best in simplicity. It is an excellent choice for US residents who have no use for 4K resolution. With Nest Cam Outdoor, you get features like simple installation, continuous recording, gentle alerts, and high-quality 1080p video. It is an all-round less hassle option. It balances all the critical areas of features, price, and quality.

Nest Cam Outdoor features

• 130-degree camera lens

• Two-way talk

• Night vision

• Storage via cloud subscription

• 1080p video quality

• 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi


• Doesn’t flood you with motion alerts

• Easy to install

• Continuous recording with Nest Aware


• Scheduling doesn’t work well with geolocation

• Can be easily stolen or knocked down

• For advanced features, you have to subscribe

5. Fascam FN3108XE Camera

This is ideal for US homeowners who are looking for a fully wired outdoor home security camera. It is packaged with 1 TB hard Disk drive. Its video quality of 720p is excellent during day time with proper contrast levels for any distance. It comes with a two-year warranty.


• Good video quality

• 1 TB storage

• Two-year warranty


• Doesn’t record video

• Some detail distortions at night

You can now make a more informed decision for your outdoor home security cameras and choose the one which works well for your home. Your choice will largely be determined by the security features you are looking for as well as the price you are willing to pay for that.

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