Best Cheap Security Cameras 2020 (Under $50 / $100 / $200 )

Best Cheap Security Cameras 2019 (Under $50 / $100 / $200 )

A home may not be complete without a good security system. That said, it turns out that security is very fundamental since it will help secure your family and your properties. With the improved technology, you are not required to hire someone who will play the role of providing security overnight. Humans are not perfect, he may even undergo an orthodox sleep which could result in loss of your property by intruders. In this article, you will learn the different types of cheap security cameras that will take your home security to the next level. In the first section, you will learn about the security cameras and a buying guide is provided at the end to help you find the best camera.

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Best Cheap Security Cameras under $200

With only $200 in your wallet, you can get yourself one of the following amazing security cameras. Their price ranges from $100 to $200.

1. Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera

This is a unique home-security camera from Amazon that comes with high-quality features that would ensure you’re covered in all aspects of security matters. This security camera can be mounted on a flat wall and monitor 24/7. Besides, it records HD photos and videos – 1080p. It is the security camera that is equipped with 8 infrared lights that are helpful for night vision. What’s more amazing with these lights is the fact that they have an automatic operation algorithm where they activate automatically when they sense dim light. With this feature, you won’t be required to be there every day so that you can monitor it.

Furthermore, the webcam of this security camera has a very effective and highly motion detection setting that would make it easy for intruders to get trapped. Its two-way audio ensures that you get notified as fast as possible if there is an invasion. Above all, Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera works effectively with Alexa-enabled devices such as Fire Tablet, Echo Spot, and more. This makes it more convenient for most Americans since these devices are almost available in each household.


> It is easy to install on walls.

> It has eight infrared lights.

> It makes a 180-degrees rotation.

> It notifies users of any motion detected.


> Users require to subscribe to get motion detection alerts.

> Some users complain that the motion detection alert does not come in a good time.

2. Google NC2100ES Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

If you are there looking for the best cheap security cameras in 2020 then, this awesome security camera could be your definition of good security. This is a top-notch security camera that comes with a 130-degrees lens which covers a wide-angle. Its camera is made of a glass lens and it captures high-quality videos. Also, What the Nest aware app records gets uploaded to the cloud where it can be accessed even up to the next 30 days. This means you can retrieve and see events that happened some days ago. Besides, this security camera has a two-way microphone that’ll let you record audios that can be used to scare thieves. With its 8 times digital zoom, it is easy to catch live events without straining.


> It detects motions of any kind day and night.

> IT has a wide-angle of view which ensures you rarely miss any event.

> Footage can be stored up to 30 days allowing you to access it (them) whenever you want.

> It is weatherproof which makes it work effectively irrespective of the weather.

> Its two-way microphone makes it more beneficial to the user.


> After the one-month free trial, Nest will impose charges to you to continue enjoying the services.

Best cheap security cameras under $100

Those who are looking for low-budget security cameras that will provide the utmost security are also covered since the following security cameras will only cost you between $50 and $100.

are you are sick of using security cameras that come with wires and require you make a hole in your wall for installation. Well, this best home security camera is wireless and doesn’t require complicated installation. Besides, it is powered by a reachable battery or a solar panel. At night, it can take HD videos up to a range of 32 feet from its location. Besides, this camera is equipped with a PIR sensor that makes it possible for the system to send relevant notifications.

For storage purposes, this camera comes with a slot where you can insert an SD card of up to 64GB which will enable you to store videos that require large space. Furthermore, this system is weatherproof enabling it to operate effectively under all harsh weather conditions. In case the battery has drained up to 10%, the camera will alert you.


> It doesn’t require wires for connection.

> PIR motion detection technology makes the system work so effectively.

> Its wide field of view ensures that it captures videos and images in a wide area.

> Alerts from the camera come directly to your device in form of push email notification.


> The camera and the solar panel are not sold together which will see you incurring extra costs to purchase the solar panel.

2. Amcrest Pro HD1080p WiFi Camera

This security camera comes with a 90-degree viewing angle. As a user, you can choose the type of color that you prefer between black and white. Besides, this is a wireless security camera that comes with a Sony image sensor. Since it is a 1080p camera then, you are assured of the best video quality. Motion detection and other notifications are sent to your device in the form of text messages or email.


> All videos are of high-quality.

> It supports live streaming.

> It also has two-way audio.


> It has a small angle of view (90-degrees).

Best cheap security cameras under $50

Since security has become a must-have thing, different security cameras manufacturing brands have even made security cameras to those who can’t afford to utilize more than $50 on these cameras. Here are some of them.

1. Wyze Cam 1080p HD Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision

From its name you can tell that this security camera just got the silver bullet. With this indoor security camera, you will be able to use it indoor to monitor your pets, children and any other relevant stuff. It is wireless and it works with Alexa-devices to get you the best results. With the Wyze app installed on your device, you can catch all proceedings live as they are directly sent to the device by the camera system. Besides, it is equipped with 4 850nm IR LEDs which helps the system capture HD photos and videos up to a range of 30 feet at night.

Installation is the least of your worries when you get yourself this camera since it is wireless and the installation process is very cheap.


> It has a 1080p camera that captures high-quality videos for easy understanding and identification.

> It is also equipped with a smart sound recognition feature.

> It has cloud storage for up to 14 days.


> Some users complain of the motion detection alert being quite slow.

2. YI Dome Camera Wireless Indoor Security Camera

Still want more with that budget, here you go. This security camera with a 112-degrees angle of view. With this camera, you can fix it at home or even in the office for monitoring. It works well in both. Besides, this security camera has a motion-detection feature that allows it to capture videos and photos of anything that is detected to be moving and send them directly to your device that has the YI Home app. It also consists of 8 in-built 940nm LED lights that largely help the camera to work effectively even at night.


> For privacy purposes, the camera comes with a video encryption feature.

> It has a motion tracking system that works very effectively.

> It also ensures you get direct real-time alerts.


> The quality of its videos isn’t excellent compared to the other security cameras but it also easily viewable.

Best cheap security cameras buying guide

Well, despite having a list of the best home security cameras, you may still be finding it hard to get the best that suits you. You shouldn’t get worried since this section will take you through some of the factors that you need to consider before buying the security camera.

1. Source of power

From the above discussion, we have seen that security cameras can be plugged-in to electricity or use reachable batteries that are powered by solar panels. Before getting yourself one of the cameras you should consider your house. For example, will the plug-in camera be effective with how my house is? If no then, go for the solar-powered security camera.

2. Field of view

A good security camera should have a wide field of view. The good ones are those whose field of view is 180-degree or 360-degrees. Please check on that before taking the camera.

3. Two-way audio

This type of feature will allow you to speak back through the device. You can also catch the voices of intruders or your children playing.

4. App

Most of the modern security cameras work with iOS and Android apps. In most cases, there exist third-party apps for the camera which makes it easy to have footages direct on your device. This means when you go shopping on these products, you should consider the presence of an app.

5. Storage

Storage is a very important factor to consider when buying security cameras. As we have seen, there are security cameras that have slots for SD cards of up to 64GB. Therefore, consider a camera with a good storage facility to make it easy for the camera to store videos. Failure to which the footages will simply get lost.


In every category, there are a couple of these cameras. So, don’t feel limited since the list doesn’t provide a vast range of security cameras. While this information is based on personal research, it’s legit and you can make more research by yourself to get the best home security camera.

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